The Scream

2 A.M. or 11 A.M.

The time never mattered.

5, 25 or 45

The age never mattered.

All that mattered was

The chromosomal combination!

It must have,

An X followed by an X.

All that he wanted was

S followed by an EX.

6 P.M. was her fault.

Jeans was her fault.

The dark moonless night was her fault.

Standing on that lonely road was her fault.

He said almost everything

To be her fault.

You got that right!

The legally accused 

Was accusing the victim.

And the Society cared 

For all its Daughters.

Those dressing restrictions.

Not to go in any lonely direction.

The curfew.

No late single drives.

Wow! You got this on too.

The society never let 

The Guilty to be Guilty of it.

On contrary 

It makes the victim so.

Accusing her

Of her sacred sac

Not being sacred anymore.

Just know society.

That 5 year old,

Never wore a jeans.

Never roamed on the roads.

She was still a victim.

An India’s Daughter.


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