An open letter to all the homo-sapiens, whose vision is scanning out all the vowels and consonants,

It’s already the verge of time and you really need to know this. My Potential. The components I am built of. The things I can do. I make you miss your Ex who vanished years ago or the one that never existed. The most underrated word? Yes, that’s BREAKUP. The feeling of cardiac tear is a piece of cake to offer. Still single? Chill Yaar! My fictional Romeo is waiting to give butterflies in your stomach and make you fall in love. You feel it? That this Romeo is locked up behind my words. Dude, so that you feel unrequited love is. Make you drain out tears, take you afar from fears. Gulp down sorrow, sum up courage. Build the heart blocks and then slash it into pieces. I can make you listen to an introvert’s scream. The scream is sometimes soundless and word-full having alphabets and the protagonist, “EMOTIONS”. This is the very less I can do.


-with all pride THE PEN


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